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What The Blue Goddess is

The Blue Goddess Co is real butterfly wing jewelry designed to help you stand out from the ordinary, the  mundane, and help you radiate. The butterflies are ethically collected after they expire naturally. Purchases help protect the rain-forest and its habitats including butterfly populations.

In this blog I will write about up and coming butterfly trends and fashions, also cool and unique attributes of butterflies and moths. (look for butterfly of the week posts).

I will also discuss my free giveaway’s.

Helping Protect the Rain forest.

When I first started doing butterfly wing jewelry. I wanted to support a great cause. I do not want butterflies to die unnaturally or cruelly.

After talking to several butterfly associations and butterfly farmers.
I found the perfect farm who was ethical. They allowed the butterflies to die naturally.  Also the farm worked with USDA to contain virgin acres of rainforest.

This helped the rainforest from logging and deforestation. The farm also hires locals from the surrounding villages giving locals in a 3rd class country to provide for their family and have a sound income, supporting the local economy.

We work directly with farm, to not only save the rainforest but to bring up dwindling butterfly populations as well by breeding and releasing.

The Blue Goddess Co. is proud to be part of such a great movement to not only save the rainforest but to bring education and awareness to outside communities,
Thank you for your support and contribution to bring this dream and goal to mind.

Shop for the best real butterfly wing jewelry you will love. Stand out from the crowd, invoke your inner goddess, and radiate, while supporting a good cause.

Dec 29th 2019

Butterfly of the week

Owl Butterflies are of the  Caligo genus, meaning they have huge eye spots that mimic owl eyes to scare of predators. Caligo means darkness. These butterflies prefer to fly at dusk when their are less predators. Most butterflies fly in the daylight to keep warm. This is a very mythical and beautiful species of butterflies

Jan 3rd 2019

Have you ever wondered why your past loved one comes to you in a butterfly?

I have had countless of customers tell me that butterflies are meaningful to them because a past loved one has visited them as a butterfly. Most of them tell me a blue butterfly flew into their house usually the basement and just hung out with them. 

I decided to do some research and find out what it means and why their usually blue. I researched multiple sites and they all seem to say the same thing. After they transform from this life existence they are no longer bound or limited by the physical laws of this plan. They are able to manifest their energy into a tiny animal or insect. Usually a butterfly, because they are easy to spot and can fly to keep up with you. Usually they are bright and vibrant (like a blue butterfly) so you notice them. They are trying to send you a message that you are not alone, and they are still with you. 

This is one of links I researched. you can read more here.

Please feel free or comment if you can relate or have any stories. Lisa xo

great owl
real butterfly wing jewelry jpeg.

Jan 24th 2019 Butterfly/Moth of the week

The Hawk Eyed Moth looks like the head of a fox when viewed from the front. It has adapted to user this Mimicry to scare of predators. When it the moth feels threatened it shows its hind wings to mimic the fax. 

Feb 12th 2020 Butterflies And Fashion

Butterflies have been a craze in fashion for decades since the mid 19th century. Lately you might have noticed that butterflies have been making a comeback in fashion. Floral prints are starting to get replaced with butterfly prints.  More outlet stores like Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 are carrying more butterfly themed fashion. Celebrities are putting butterflies in their clothing lines. 

I wanted to dive deeper into why butterflies have become a novelty in fashion. So Lets go back to where it all started from. The Mid 19th Century Victorian area.

During the mid-19th century, Japan opened trade with the West for the first time in more than 200 years.  The influx of Japanese imports that followed inspired an intense fascination with Japanese art and culture. At that time, butterflies symbolized death and a soul on its journey into the afterlife. Women of the Victorian area became obsessed with the Japanese kimono and butterfly, more vibrant prints.

They felt the Kimono show cased the female figure more and was more modern than traditional garments. Bright, Floral, Birds And butterflies have been in fashion since. During the Victorian era these new kimono-Victorian dresses where a symbol of grace and elegance. Butterflies today are also considered a symbol of grace and beauty. 

Why are butterflies still a staple in fashion today?For the same reason why it became so popular in the 19th century. It lifts peoples spirits, it makes them feel elegant, graceful, and beautiful. Butterflies also symbol change, and are considered to be messengers of the afterlife.

sited sites:

Plants That Attract Butterflies

Find the right plant that attracts butterflies for your garden is sometimes more challenging than you think. Here are some plants that attract butterflies, that you may not even know about. 

  • Lavender
  • Catnip
  • Chives
  • Fennel 
  • Sage
  • Grey Dogwood

Butterfly On Fennel

March 18th

If Your like me you have kids at home or have a spouse who has to continue working.

I know hand sanatizer is hard to find. I searched the web thru and thru. These are the best options I found for hand sanatizer and good foaming soap. 

I found this natural hemp 70% alcohol sanaziter for 10.00$ with free shipping or a 13$ three day delivery option. Go here

Also bathandbody stores are shut down but their online store is still open. you can get 4 foaming soaps for 20$ they also carry some pack of 5 mini sanatizers for 8$ go here

I hope this helps and i hope everyone stays healthy. Sending you positive vibes. 


April 6th

Feeling stressed out from the coronavirus? then check out this relaxing hypnotherapy guided meditation made just for that. here

Stay safe and healthy, remember to wash your hands for 20 seconds and social distance. 

Looking for a face mask? Here are several links

NOTE: Some of these shops are already completely out of masks. Feel free to click these links and if there aren’t any left, search Etsy.

Rolani’s Wonderland –

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The White Turtle Shop –…

Kerry Spindler – Skin. Beauty. Wellness –

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May 13th 2020

The Oldest Mineral On Earth

Do you know what the oldest mineral on Earth is? You might be surprised that it’s not Diamond. It is actually Zircon, which is not to be confused with Cubic Zirconia. Zircon is a natural rare mineral. Zircon is 4.375 billion years old. 

“the oldest zircons come from Australia’s Jack Hills range suggest they came from water-rich, granite-like rocks such as granodiorite or tonalite, other studies have reported. That means Earth cooled quickly enough for surface water and continental-type rocks just 100 million years after the moon impact, the massive collision that formed the Earth-moon system.”

sited link

Zircon is actually a very beautiful gem. It has been popular for over 2000 years. It was once called the poor man Diamond because it has a similar luster but was less expensive as a Diamond. 

Zircon is rare and most Zircon now is lab-made. It is said that Zircon represents happiness, prosperity, chastity, positive energy, honor, purity, and spiritual protection. It is associated with all the chakras and can combine their strengths by aligning them.

Click here to see our course zircon ring. Your heart will sing. 

teal emerald ring jpeg.

June 3rd 2002

Fighting Covid -19 With Diet

You can help fight corna virus by eating the right type of oils and fats. You need to higher your healthy cholesterol. Find out what fats and oils you should eat here. It’s an amazing article from Dr. Cate Shanahan. 

Personally my routine is drinking Moringa tea in the morning while basking in the sunlight. And throughout my day I try to eat healthy oils and fats listed in Dr. Cates Article. 

Stay healthy and safe. We will get through this together. 

P.s if you want to know more about Moringa (the tree of life) View article here. you can purchase all kinds of oils and teas on

Sept 27th, 2020

Are you having nightmares lately?

Is the stress of the pandemic wearing on you? Alor of people have been reported of have increased nightmares. 

The feeling of uncertainty about health and the economy has been giving people increased nightmares around the globe.  

Since around 4000 B.C Amethyst and citrine have been used to wart of nightmares and aid in deep restful sleep. 

Try wearing these stones and start to feel a difference in a few days. Wear them for 21 days for maximum results. 

At night put the stones under your pillow. Give it a try and leave a comment about your results. 

Here is some citrine amethyst jewelry we have in stock. 

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