Why We Make Butterfly Wing Jewelry Jewelry

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I always searched for something different, that would stand out, and give me strength.

Then one day I was in despair. That’s when I vowed to make a jewelry line that helped like minded woman, to find their inner goddess, jewelry that exceeds standards of quality above all others.

I was concerned about finding a butterfly farm that was ethical. After a lot of research I found one. Another concern was the unique butterfly necklace designs and price point, because of the time and expensive materials, might turn off potential customers.  But then after watching several amazing woman pick up my real butterfly necklaces and watch their faces light up with wonder.

Then I knew….

I had, made a jewelry line has beautiful as them, that would help inspire them to bring out thier inner goddesses. I decided to make the most high end, real butterfly jewelry in the world, that also helped butterfly populations and helped the environment.

Turns out the road was more difficult than I imagined.

It was very difficult …..

 to preserve and capture the natural state of the butterfly without tearing or changing the color of the wings. It was also difficult to find the right place to purchase these butterflies after they have died naturally, after three weeks.

Suppliers of the expensive material were hard to find and they didn’t want to negotiate on price. I wanted to sell real butterfly jewelry at a price point costume jewelry shoppers would happily agree to.

Customers were …..

 concerned about the fragility and durability of the butterflies, even though they are thoroughly preserved in resin and meshed with ceramic and came with a lifetime durability guarantee.

I started….

doing a monthly giveaway raffle and demonstrating the longevity of the jewelry despite their fragile appearance. This finally started opening doors into more and more boutiques and word was getting around about the quality of the jewelry.

Through it all, we released our first products and the response has been astounding. We are now one of the top real butterfly jewelers in the World and growing.

Best part…..

 I love what I’m doing and I love seeing my customers of all ages inner beauty’s sparkle. I feel good about inspiring woman globally, and doing my part to save virgin acres of rain-forest and butterfly populations in the mix of it all.