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How our butterflies helps save the rainforest.

Helping Protect the Rain forest.

When I first started doing butterfly wing jewelry. I wanted to support a great cause. I do not want butterflies to die unnaturally or cruelly.

After talking to several butterfly associations and butterfly farmers.
I found the perfect farm who was ethical. They allowed the butterflies to die naturally.  Also the farm worked with USDA to contain virgin acres of rainforest.

This helped the rainforest from logging and deforestation. The farm also hires locals from the surrounding villages giving locals in a 3 class country to provide for their family and have a sound income, supporting the local economy.

We are proud to work directly with farm, to not only save the rainforest but to bring up dwellinding butterfly populations as well by breeding and releasing.

The Blue Goddess Co. is proud to be part of such a great movement to not only save the rainforest but to bring education and awareness to outside communities,
Thank you for your support and contribution to bring this dream and goal to mind.

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