Butterfly Wing Necklace

Exclusive Butterfly Wing Jewelry Designs.

Handcrafted butterfly wing necklace, real butterfly wing jewelry that allows you to be original. Real butterfly wing necklaces designs are exclusively sold only at the Blue Goddess Co.
A beautiful and wide range collection of real butterfly wing jewelry. handmade in South Florida. By an entomologist and gemologist. Each butterfly wing is carefully preserved in jewelry grade resin. Or pressed into the glass.
Butterfly wings pressed into the glass are perfect for younger girls or teens. Or if you’re looking for something smaller and daintier.
Vintage Butterfly wing jewelry has a long history. It was most popular from the late 1800s up to the 1960s.
Butterfly wing jewelry has been making headway recently again. As butterfly farmers and Rain forest organizations are teaming up around the world. In efforts to sustain the butterfly population and rain forest.
Butterflies have had a significant role in changing fashion and culture. Starting from. The Mid 19th Century Victorian area. Learn more here.
Butterflies are deep and mystical symbols of the afterlife and reincarnation.
In Japan, butterflies symbolize death and a soul on its journey into the afterlife.
I have had countless customers tell me that butterflies are meaningful to them. Because a past loved one has visited them as a butterfly. Most of them tell me a blue butterfly flew into their house usually the basement and just hung out with them. 
After going to research on this topic. I found in many cultures after a soul transforms from this life existence. they are no longer bound or limited by the physical laws of this plan. They are able to manifest their energy into a tiny animal or insect. Usually, a butterfly, because they are easy to spot and can fly to keep up with you. Usually, they are bright and vibrant (like a blue butterfly) so you notice them. They are trying to send you a message that you are not alone, and they are still with you.  View Here to learn more
Don’t miss out on this one of a kind eco-friendly jewelry. Shop now. butterflies are collected ethically, after their natural life cycle.

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