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Best Butterfly Wing Earrings – Desires – Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry


I love the green and blue shades with the swallowtail shape. Makes these earrings truly unique.

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These Earrings Are

What Makes Theses Go Great.

These real butterfly wing earrings is made with Graphium Stresemanni AKA Turquoise prince

butterfly.  Butterfly died naturally. This is a unique butterfly that lives high in the woodlands and is rarely seen by people.

Our real butterfly wing jewelry is handmade. Butterfly coated in resin for longevity. We are the leading experts in real butterfly wing jewelry.

These real butterfly wing earrings are part of the 2018 Spring Refresh Collection.  The Collection is designed to make you feel light weight, and refreshed.

Giving you strength and energy to catch and capture your dreams, hopes and desires

One of my favorite real butterflies. The Blue and light green spots make this butterfly truly breath taking.

Real Butterfly Wing Earrings features:

  • Blue Chalcedony
  • Sterling Silver Filled hooks
  • Earrings are 2.25″

in 1-4 business days

If you have any questions contact Lisa: lisa@bluegoddess.co

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Additional information

Additional Info

Butterfly lived a full life and died naturally. Purchases help preserve rain-forest and butterfly populations.


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