• blue morpho butterfly wing ring jpeg.
  • blue morpho butterfly wing ring jpeg.

Butterfly Wing Ring – Blue Morpho – Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry

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Considered to be one of the most beatiful butterflies in the World!

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This Blue Morpho Butterfly Wing Ring Is

What Makes This Butterfly Wing Ring Great

This Real Butterfly Wing Ring is Made from Giant Blue Morpho butterfly.

The wing is preserved in 14mm glass tile to ensure long lasting durability so that you can touch without worrying about damaging it.

The Jewelry is not fragile despite its fragile appearance.

Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry, that is crafted with excellence.

Combined with the beauty of nature, turned into wearable art that doesn’t just look fabulous but also acts as a great conversation starter. 

Real Butterfly Wing Ring Features:

  1. Butterfly Wing in 14mm glass tile
  2. Silver Plated Adjustable band.

You will never want to take this blue morpho butterfly wing ring off

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Additional information

Additional Info

Butterfly died naturally after living a full life (about 3 weeks). Purchases help preserve butterfly populations and rain-forest.
Most popular butterfly we have in stock. Considered to be one of the most beatiful butterflies in the world

2 reviews for Butterfly Wing Ring – Blue Morpho – Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry

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