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Blue Bi-colored Tourmaline Studs – Tourmaline Healing Crystal – Tourmaline Earrings



Bi-colored Tourmaline masculine and feminine energies coexist. Helps balance out the emotions of your heart. Helps balance relationships.

Wear these tourmaline earrings when having relationship woes.

Ships out next business day via first class.

Gemstone has been tested on reliable and accurate gemstone testing machine

Blue bi-colored tourmaline stud earrings feature:

  • Natural bi-colored tourmaline
  • sterling silver
  • 6.8mm

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These Bi-Colored Tourmaline Stud Earrings Are

Why You Will Cherish These bi-colored Tourmaline Studs

Ships Out Next Business Day via Fast first class. 

These breath-taking natural bi-colored are a treasure. 

The sterling silver goes seamlessly with the blue and green hues. You will love these stunning tourmaline earrings. 

Bi-colored tourmaline is a unique gemstone.  This occurs when two or more colors are found in a single tourmaline crystal making a bi-color tourmaline. 

 Bi-Color Tourmaline is one of the most sought after members of the tourmaline gemstone family.

Multi-colored tourmaline helps balance out the emotions in your heart. It’s a gemstone that helps masculine and feminine energies coexist. 

Also helps balance relationships.

All Gemstone jewellery comes wrapped in a box with a bow. 

Make it an extra special gift with personalized packaging view here

Has been tested on one of the most reliable and accurate gemstones testing machines. 

Estimated value $150.00


Bi-colored tourmaline stud earrings feature:

  • Solid sterling silver
  • Natural tourmaline
  • stone is 6.8 mm

Shops out next business day. fast first class shipping from U.S.

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  • All of our Gemstone Jewelry is handmade in the U.S.A by the store owner. 
  • Ships out next business day first class.
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Beautiful Bi-colored tourmaline

Wear these gorgeous tourmaline studs when having relationship problems.

You Will Love This Tourmaline Jewellery

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