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Butterfly Wing Earrings – Remember – Monarch Butterfly Wing Jewelry



Sterling Silver goes magically with the Monarch Wings. The Celtic Charm adds a personalized touch.

Butterfly Earrings feature:

  • Sterling silver Celtic charm
  • Sterling silver hook
  • Monarch wing in resin
  • Earrings are 1.25″



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These Butterfly Wing Earrings Are

What Makes These Monarch Butterfly Earrings So Great.

Butterfly Wing EArrings / Monarch Butterfly Wing Earrings are made with (Danaus plexippus AKA Monarch).

This pair of butterfly earrings are handcrafted. Real wings are coated in crystal clear epoxy. 

You can touch the butterfly wing. Without damaging them.

The butterfly earrings are not fragile. Despite there fragile appearance.

Real butterfly wing jewelry was popular in the 1920’s is starting to make a come back due to ethical farming. 
People, culture, and society have been obsessed with butterflies since the victorian era. Learn more here
Butterflies have been a symbol of transformation and the after life through time and culture. Making butterfly jewelry a trending memorial gift. View here to customize your butterfly memorial jewelry gift. 
View here for special packaging

We are the leading experts in real butterfly jewelry. These earrings are the perfect gift for Birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or BFF gifts.

View more specialized packaging here


Butterfly Wing Earrings feature:

  • Sterling silver celtic charm
  • Sterling silver hook
  • Monarch wing in resin
  • Earrings are 1.25″

60 day return policy. If you have any questions contact Lisa: [email protected]

Additional information

Additional Info.

Monarch Died naturally after living a full life of about 8 weeks. Purchases help preserve rain-forest and butterfly populations.


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