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Butterfly Wing Earrings – Desires – Butterfly Earrings



Butterfly Wing Earrings – Desires – Butterfly Earrings

This is one of our most popular butterflies. The Blue and light green spots make these butterfly wing earrings truly breathtaking.

Where these in your best summer dress.


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These Butterfly Wing Earrings Are Remarkable

These Butterfly Earrings Offers A Unique Look.

Real Butterfly Wing Earrings are handmade from Graphium Stresemanni AKA (Turquoise prince)

The Graphuim stresemanni is a unique butterfly, It only lives high in the woodlands.

Pair of butterfly wing earrings are part of the 2018 Spring Refresh Collection.  The Collection is designed to make you feel lightweight and refreshed.

Combined with the beauty of nature, turned into wearable nature art. That doesn’t just look fabulous but also acts as a great conversation starter.

Real wings are preserved with jewelry grade resin. For durability and resistance. This pair of butterfly wing earrings will keep its color for centuries. 

We are the leading experts in real butterfly wing jewelry.

butterflies symbolize death and a soul on its journey into the afterlife. Making these butterfly earrings. The perfect gift for butterfly memorial present. View here for butterfly memorial packaging. 

You will Adore these butterfly earrings. One of our most popular butterflies. The Blue and light green spots make these butterfly wing earrings truly breathtaking.

It’s difficult to find anything else as unique as this. You will love these fairy-like butterfly wing earrings. They will make you feel elegant and beautiful. 

 In Greek Myth Psykhe goddess of the soul and the wife of Eros (Roman Cupid) god of love. Is depicted as a butterfly
She was once a mortal princess. Her beauty stole attention away from Aphrodite.

Aphrodite commanded Eros to make her fall in love with the most hideous of men. But Eros feel for her. 

Aphrodite, commanded Psyhe to perform a series of impossible tasks that led her to the Underworld. Once completing your task you married Eros as Goddess of the souls

She is the Goddess Of Souls Because her soul is guided by Love. Her butterfly wings resemble the transformation to immortality. 


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 Butterfly Earrings features:

  • Blue Chalcedony
  • Sterling Silver Filled hooks
  • Earrings are 2.25″


These Butterfly Wing earrings

Will make you feel refreshed
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Additional information

Additional Info

Butterfly lived a full life and died naturally. Purchases help preserve rain-forest and butterfly populations.


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