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Dragonfly Wing Ring – Sterling Silver – Real Dragonfly Jewelry

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I love this Ring. I love that this dragonfly looks like it has cheetah spots. Such A neat ring.

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This Ring is

What Makes This Ring So Special

This dragonfly wing ring is made with Celithemis eponina AKA Halloween Pennant dragonfly. Dragonfly died naturally after living a full life. Purchases help save the rain-forest and butterfly populations.

This lovely and unique dragonfly jewelry is one of  my favorites. I love the unique pattern on the wings. The dragonfly has dark brown spots on it, giving a leopard pattern to ring.

I love this ring. It truly is one of my favorite’s. Seeing every detail in the wing, gives this ring a unique, original artsy feel.  A must have.

Real Dragonfly Wing Ring Features:

  • Real Dragonfly Wing in 14mm glass tile
  • Sterling Silver plated adjustable band


If you have any questions contact Lisa:

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Additional information

Additonal Info

Dragonfly lived a full life (about 2 months). Dragonfly died of natural causes. Purchases help preserve rain-forest.


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