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Butterfly Wing Earrings – Empress – Butterfly Wing Jewelry



These cute and dainty blue butterfly ing earrings have a fun artistic element to them. They are perfect if you looking for a vibrant subtle touch.

You will love these butterfly earrings rather if your chilling on the beach, or going out on a first date.

butterfly wing earrings feature:

  • Tigers eye,
  • Cherry quartz
  • 18k gold filled hooks
  • Earrings are about 0.80

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These Butterfly Wing Earrings Are Dainty And Feminine

Why You Will Love This Butterfly Wing Jewelry

These butterfly wing earrings are made with Doxocopa lavinia AKA lavinia emperor butterfly. 

You will love the metallic hues in these cute butterfly wings

These butterfly earrings are perfect if your looking for something vibrant but subtle. 

All of our real butterfly wing jewelry is handmade to perfection.

We have been the leading real butterfly wing jewelry store since 2012. Wings coated in resin for longevity. Real butterfly wing earrings will last lifetimes. Butterfly earrings re not fragile despite their fragile appearance.

Real Butterfly wings are coated in quality resin for longevity. The Resin makes look like wings have a glossy glass finish. 

These cute butterfly wing earrings are the perfect relaxed look. You need for chilling on the beach. Or dressing up for that first date. 

Perfect Birthday, Anniversary Gift for a butterfly lover. 

You will love these cute girly earrings. Especially if your into minimalist and original jewelry. 

Make this an extra special gift with personalized packaging. View Here


butterfly wing earrings feature:

  • Tigers eye,
  • Cherry quartz
  • 18k gold filled hooks
  • Earrings are about 0.80″


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If you have any questions contact Lisa: lisa@bluegoddess.co

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High Quality Butterfly Wing Jewelry

You Will Love

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