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Sexy Greek Goddess Butterfly Magnet – Real Butterfly Fridge Magnet


These Look Amazing On LED Light Trees

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These Magnets Are

What Makes These So Great

Butterflies were ethically collected after it’s natural life cycle. Purchases help preserve rainforest and butterfly populations.

This Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry is made from  (Papilio ulysses AKA blue mountain.)

Crafted with excellence.

 The wings are preserved with jewelry grade resin to ensure long lasting durability so that you can touch them without worrying about breaking them.

Magnets are not fragile despite its fragile appearance. 

Butterfly Magnet Features:

  • Magnet can hold up to 5Lbs
  • Butterfly is 110mm

If you have any questions contact Lisa: lisa@bluegoddess.co

You Can Stick These Almost Anywhere

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We Love To Stick These On LED Light Trees

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