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Hummingbird Threader Earrings Pink -18k Gold – Elegant Long Tassels



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I know you will love these exquisite and dainty hummingbird earrings just as much as I do.

18K Gold-filled Threader Earrings Feature:

  • 18k Gold-filled
  • Topaz CZ
  • Tiny AAA CZ
  • 2.5″ long

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These 18K Gold CZ Hummingbird Threader Earrings Are Exquisite

What Makes These Threader Earrings So Great

These 18k Hummingbird threader earrings are exquisite. 

They are very easy to thread thru. To wear Align the tip of the post with the hole in your earlobe into which you want to push the threader earring thru.

Threader earrings have become a hot trend because they are easy to wear and are great with sensitive ear lobes that turn red. 

They are so lightweights and comfortable you won’t know you are wearing them. 

These beautiful hummingbird earrings are delicate. They have tiny AAA CZ crystals on the head, body, and wing for exquisite detail. 

Hummingbirds are associated with joy, freedom, prosperity, and good luck.  They symbolize the enjoyment of life and lightness of being. 

hummingbird is also linked to the idea of eternity and infinity. Bird’s wings move in the pattern of figure eight, the ancient symbol of continuity. 

In Native American cultures, hummingbirds have long been portrayed as healers, light-bringers, and helpers from Spirit who carry luck, joy, and love to those they love. 

These beautiful hummingbird earrings have a calming element. 

I know you will love these exquisite blue gemstone hummingbird earrings just as much as I do. 

Gemstone jewelry comes wrapped in a box with a bow. 

hummingbird long earrings gold filled jpeg.

18K Gold  CZ Threader Earrings Feature:

  • 18k Gold
  • CZ crystals
  • 2.5″ long


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Threader Earrings Are Great For Sensitive Earlobes

Threader earrings have become more popular because they are easy to wear. lightweight and great for sensitive ears.

If you haven't tried wearing threader earrings before than your missing out.

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18k Gold with Aquamarine Humming Bird Threader Earrings - Elegant Long Tassels
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