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Butterfly Wing Earrings – Memorable – Real Butterfly Wing Earrings



Butterfly Wing Earrings – Memorable – Real Butterfly Wing Earrings

The dark emerald green jade and the emerald swallowtail wings make these butterfly earrings the perfect gift for May birthdays.


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These Butterfly Wing Earrings Is Your New Obsession

Why You Will Adore These Real Butterfly Wing Earrings

Butterfly Wing Earrings are made with Papilio palinurus butterfly, AKA (Emerald Swallowtail)

Butterfly earrings are hand created with precise skill and craftsmanship. This pair of butterfly earrings are the perfect accessory to your wardrobe.

You will love this elegant butterfly jewelry. It is so unique, original, and colorful. 

You won’t find anything else like it. Purchase this hidden treasure before you forget about it.  

Real butterfly wings are coated in several layers of high-quality crystal clear resin. Giving the butterfly wings a shiny glass look. 

Butterfly wings are protected and resistant against damage and tear. Butterfly Earrings are water-resistant but not waterproof. Do not wear butterfly wing earrings in the shower.

You will love these butterfly earrings. Features bright emerald, glowing green hues. The deep jade is perfect for May Birthdays. 

If you’re an insect collector. These butterfly wing earrings are a must-have. Looks amazing with jeans and a white t-shirt. 

These butterfly earrings constantly sell out. I promise you will love these butterfly earrings. 

Learn about how butterflies became a staple in fashion starting the victorian era.  here.
Butterflies symbolize death and a soul’s journey into the afterlife.
Making these the perfect butterfly memorial gift. View here for special packaging. 

Make this an extra special gift with personalized packaging view here


What Butterfly For Earrings Feature:

  • Green Jade
  • Gold Filled Hooks
  • Earrings are 2.25″


You will love these butterfly wing earrings

perfect gift for the butterfly lover

Ships Out First Class

Comes Wrapped In Box. Ready to be given as a gift
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Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry - Memorable - Butterfly Wing Earrings
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Additional information

Additional Info.

Butterfly died naturally, after living a full life. Purchases help preserve rain-forest and butterfly populations.

More Info

Butterfly was ethically collected after it's natural life cycle. Purchases help save rain forest and butterfly populations.


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