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Butterfly Wing Earrings – The New Age – Madagascan Sunset Moth Earrings



Butterfly Wing Earrings – The New Age – Madagascan Sunset Moth Earrings

stainless steel hooks won’t cause an allergic reaction

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These Butterfly Wing Earrings Are Pulse Pounding

What Makes This Madagascan Sunset Moth Jewelry So Neat

Madagascan sunset moth wing preserved in glass. Butterfly wings for earrings

handmade with ( Chrysiridia rhipheus AKA Sunset Moth)

 Sunset Moth/Butterfly Wing Jewelry  crafted with excellence,  combined with the beauty of nature. Turned into wearable nature art that doesn’t just look fabulous but also acts as a great conversation starter.

Sunset Moth wings are preserved in glass tile to ensure long-lasting durability so that you can touch wings without worrying about breaking them.

Our Butterfly Wing Jewelry is not fragile despite its fragile appearance.

Butterflies have had a significant role in changing fashion and culture. Starting from. The Mid 19th Century Victorian area. Learn more here.
Butterflies are deep and mystical symbols of the afterlife and reincarnation.
In Japan butterflies symbolize death and a soul on its journey into the afterlife.

you will love these Butterfly Wing Earrings. they change different colors in different lighting.

The Madagascan sunset moth is considered to be the most beautiful moth in the world.

These butterfly earrings are cute and dainty, but full of color and will make you stand out. 

You will get a lot of compliments with these cute sunset moth earrings. Butterfly earrings are lightweight and comfortable. 

real butterfly wing earrings jpeg.

What Sunset Moth, Butterfly Wing Earrings feature:

  • Butterfly Wing In 14mm tile
  • Steel Hooks.
  • Earrings are 1.20″

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You Will Love These Butterfly Wing earrings

You Will Never See Such An Amazing Moth Like This One. The Iridescent And Colors Will Keep You Memorized.

Don't Just Get One

You Will Love These Unique Amazing Jewelry So Much You'll Want To Get The Full Set. View The Necklace Here
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Butterfly was ethically and humanly collected after it\'s natural life cycle.


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