Night Out Butterfly Brooch – Real Butterfly Wing Brooch

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Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry

Butterfly Wing Jewelry

This Real Butterfly Wing brooch is made with Choaspes Benjaminii AKA Indian Awlking Butterfly.  Butterfly died naturally on a farm . Purchases help save rain-forest and butterfly populations.

This vintage real butterfly brooch is handmade with perfection.  This real vintage butterfly brooch’s design is unique and only available at The Blue Goddess Co. We are the leading experts in real butterfly wing jewelry.

We only use the finest materials and premium  jewelry grade resin, with superior craftsmanship. So when you buy from us you can rest assured you’re getting the Best Genuine Butterfly Wing jewelry on the market!

Real Butterfly Wing Brooch Features:

Sterling Silver Pin
Ceramic and Gold Leaf Body with crystals
Butterfly is 40mm.
0.25″ ceramic backing with gold leaf

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