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Blue Fire Opal Ring – Princess Cut – Opal Ring Deals



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Stop Over-Paying For Quality Gemstone Jewellery

This blue fire opal ring is of high quality without a high price.  This opal ring is available for next day fast shipping. 

What Makes this quality blue fire opal quality simular as big brand names. 

You will adore this 2.2 ct princess cut blue fire opal ring. Sterling silver with beautiful white sapphire accent crystals along the band and main stone. 

Blue Fire Opal Main stone has beautiful electrifying blue and green hues that pop.  Perfect for the summer beach getaways and pool lounging. 

Blue Fire opal colors are due to the microstructure tiny spheres in regular layers, playing tricks with the light.  not the composition Silicon dioxide, aka quartz-like most gemstones. They are so hard to find. So most blue fire opal on the market is lab-made.

It is said that Blue fire opal is a great healing gemstone. It can relieve stress and bring peacefulness. It eases grief and sorrow. 

Lab fire opal is not fake opal it has the same composition and minerals as a real opal. 

If you love opal, you will love this blue fire opal ring. Don’t miss out on this great deal. 

Blue Fire Opal Ring Features:

  • Blue Fire Opal Imitation 2.2 ct
  • Sterling silver
  • White Sapphire Imitation accent crystals
  • Size 5 

60 day return policy. If you have any questions contact [email protected]

This Princess Cut Blue Fire Opal Ring

Will Bring You Peace

You Will Love This Blue Fire Opal Ring

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Princess Cut Blue Fire Opal Ring - Sterling Silver - Size 5
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