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Real Butterfly Wing Necklace – Little Women – Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry

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This Real Butterfly Wing Necklace Is

What Makes This Necklace So Great

  • Real butterfly wing necklace is made with Moduza lymire. Butterfly is preserved in jewelry grade resin. You can cherish necklace for a lifetime. Necklace is not fragile despite it’s fragile appearance.
    We are the leading experts in real butterfly wing jewelry. We only offer quality craftsmanship.

    You will love this neat and lovely real butterfly. It is the perfect size. It can be dressed up or dressed down. Colors are versatile. Imagine your self wearing the necklace with your favorite outfit as you stand out from the crowd.

    Real Butterfly Wing Necklace Features:

  • Butterfly in resin
  • 18k gold filled rose gold chain
  • Necklace is 18″
  • Backing is ceramic with gold leaf.

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