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Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry – Owl Forest – Butterfly Wing Necklace



Love this wing, the scales make it look like real feathers. Looks just like an eye of an Owl. You will love it.

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This Real Butterfly Wing Necklace Is Amazing

What Makes This Butterfly Wing Jewelry So Stunning

This amazing real butterfly wing terrarium necklace is made with Caligo eurilochus, the AKA forest giant owl .

Wing is preserved in 18mm glass tile so you can observe and cherish it, without damaging it.

Necklace is not fragile, despite it’s fragile appearance.

We are leading experts in real butterfly wing jewelry. 

You will love this necklace. It is stunning on.

Real Butterfly Wing Terrarium Necklace Features:

  • 18k gold filled chain
  • Butterfly In Resin
  • Ceramic Backing with gold leaf
  • Butterfly is 110 mm
  • Necklace is 18″

Truly One Of A Kind

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Additional information

Additional Infio

Butterfly was ethically collected after it's natural life cycle. Purchases help save rain forest and butterfly populations.


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