Real Butterfly Wing Ring – 14k Gold – Butterfly Wing Ring


I love this butterfly and it’s shade of green. Can we born with almost anything.



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This Ring Is

What Makes This Ring Special

This real butterfly wing Ring is made with Charaxes Subornatus AKA Ornate Green butterfly.

Butterflies die naturally on farms, after thier natural lifespan. Purchases help save the rain forest and butterfly populations.

Designing butterfly wing jewelry since 2012.

We have techniques and designs that are exclusively only at The Blue Goddess Co.

This is one of my favorite butterflies.

One of the very few butterflies that is solid green.

Under Wings are disguised as to look like leafs.

Real Butterfly Wing Ring Features:

  • 14k gold plated adjustable band
  • Wing in 14 mm glass tile

Green will bring you good luck

I love this ring. I wear mine as a good luck charm.

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Additional information

Additional Info

Butterfly died naturally after living a full life (about 3 weeks). Purchases help preserve rain-forest and butterfly populations.


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