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Butterfly Wing Bracelet – Sterling Silver – Real Butterfly Wing Bracelet


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Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry, Real Butterfly Wing Bracelet

These Real Butterfly Wing Bracelet are Made from  (Charaxes Narcaeus AKA Chinese Nawab.) Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry, crafted with excellence. Butterflies live a full life and die naturally on farms.  Combined with the beauty of nature, turned into wearable art that doesn’t just look fabulous but also acts as a great conversation starter. The wings are preserved in 20mm glass tile to ensure long lasting durability so that you can touch them without worrying about breaking them. The Jewelry is not fragile despite its fragile appearance.

Butterfly Wing Bracelet Features:

  • Butterfly wing in 20 mm glass tile
  • Spring clasp
  • Easy to put on
  • Sterling Silver Plated Nickel free band
  • Size M-L

Butterfly died naturally on a farm after living about 3 weeks. Purchases help save rainforest and threatened butterfly populations.

If you have any questions contact Lisa: lisa@bluegoddess.co

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Additional information

Additional Info

Butterfly died naturally after living a full life (about 3 weeks). Purchases help preserve rain-forest and butterfly populations.


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