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Butterfly Wing Necklace – Sunset Moth – Buy Butterfly Wing Jewelry



Considered to be the most beautiful moth in the world. This  Real Butterfly Wing Pendant Is Breath Taking

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This Real Butterfly Wing Pendant Is

What Makes This Butterfly Wing Necklace So Great

Beautiful real butterfly wing necklace is made with  Chysiridia rhipheus AKA (Sunset Moth). Wing is carefully preserved in glass tile so you can observe the wing upclose. Allowing you to cherish necklace for a life time. Butterfly Wing Necklace is not fragile despite, it’s fragile appearance. 

Sunset moth is considered to be the most beautiful moth in world by collectors.  You will absolutely love it. You will be filled with joy when you hold this real butterfly wing necklace.  Imagine how you feel wearing this original piece of jewelry, as you stand out from the crowd. Feeling like you have a secret no one else knows about. 

Butterfly wing pendant is one of our best selling Women’s Birthday Gifts. 

Blue Goddess is the leading experts in real butterfly wing jewelry. Everything is handcrafted with excellence. We only produce quality work. It’s no wonder why people come here to purchase our butterfly pendant’s online. 

We have a 60 day return policy, so that you can shop worry free.

Real Butterfly Wing Necklace Features:

  • 18k gold filled twisted chain
  • 18″
  • wing in 14mm glass tile

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Additional information

Additional Info

Butterfly was ethically collected after it's natural life cycle. Purchases help save rain-forest and butterfly populations.


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