Tea Gardens Butterfly Earrings – Real Butterfly Wing Earrings

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24K plated Earring Hooks

Customize 24k plated Earring Hooks instead of Sterling Silver

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Real Butterfly Wing Earrings

Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry

These real butterfly wing earrings are made with Callicore hesperis aka Hesperis Eighty-eight butterfly. Butterfly died naturally on a farm after living about 3 weeks. Purchases help save rain-forest and threatened butterfly populations.

We are the leading experts in real butterfly wing jewelry.  All of our real insect jewelry s handmade to perfection. Wings coated in resin for longevity. Real butterfly wing earrings will lasts lifetimes.

Real Butterfly Wing Earrings Feature:

Wing of Blue Morpho butterfly in Glass Tile
Sterling Silver Hooks.
Butterfly body is Ceramic with Gold Leaf.
Earrings are about 1.25″


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