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Aqua Terra Jasper – Crystal Point Choker – Velvet Choker – Top Layer


You will love this striking combo of velvet and point crystal pendant.

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This Healing Crystal Pendant Is Breath Taking

What Makes This Raw Crystal Choker So Perfect

Stunning raw crystal pendant necklace is made out of a beautiful piece of aqua terra jasper.  The salmon pink in velvet choker brings out, vibrant colors in crystal. Making them pop.

This healing crystal pendant is perfect for when you just need a break or a calm moment to your self. 

It is said that aqua terra jasper is good for calming that brings inner peace and clarity aids emotional healing and it can be used to ease worry, fear and depression

Healing Crystal Pendant Necklace Features. 

  • 2″ aqua terra jasper crystal
  • 1 1/2′ thick salmon pink band
  • 1″ adjustable length
  • 16″ choker 

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