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Rainbow Topaz – Memorizing – Great Deals On Pendant Jewelry



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This lovely Rainbow Topaz Will Make Your Heart Sing. 

This 18k White Gold Filled Rainbow Topaz pendant with Sapphire accents is amazing. The tiny white Sapphire crystal adds an extra sparkle in the light. 

This Rainbow Topaz Pendant has beautiful Blue, green, yellow hues. It Shines gorgeously and glistens in the sunlight.

This iridescence Topaz that makes the wearer look charismatic and striking.

It is said that Rainbow mystic topaz is a powerful stone and attracts harmony and luck. 

Topaz comes from the Greek word topazion meaning fire.

The pendant is so beautiful, you won’t know its imitation. 

Topaz definition on box insert comes standard. You can write your own personalized message below the Topaz definition. 

Add a special touch and make someone’s day with personalized packaging for only $2 extra. View Here. 

Rainbow Topaz Teardrop White Gold Pendant Features:

  • Rainbow Topaz Imitation 3ct
  • 18k white gold filled
  • Sterling Silver Chain
  • White Sapphire  Imitation accent crystals
  • Necklace is 18″
  • Pendant is 1.25″

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This Rainbow Topaz Teardrop Pendant

Will bring you harmony

You Will Love This Rainbow Topaz Teardrop White Gold Pendant


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