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Butterfly Wing Jewelry – Uplifted – Real Butterfly Wing Necklaces

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The metallic pigments on this butterfly are beautiful.




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This Butterfly Wing Necklace is Spectacular

What Makes This Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry So Great

This Butterfly Necklace is made with Doxocopa lavinia AKA lavinia emperor butterfly

Our Butterfly Wing Jewelry is crafted with excellence. 

Combined with the beauty of nature, turned into wearable art that doesn’t just look fabulous but also acts as a great conversation starter. 

Butterfly wings are preserved with jewelry grade resin to ensure long lasting durability.  You can touch Butterfly Jewelry without damaging it.

This Butterfly Wing  Jewelry is not fragile despite its fragile appearance.

You will love this real butterfly wing necklace. The pigmentation on the wings have a metallic finish. You will love this unique butterfly necklace.

Everyone will be envious, that you have something so beautiful and unique. Our butterfly wing jewelry is truly one of a kind. 

 Butterfly Wing Necklace features:

Butterfly Wing Necklace comes it two separate layers.

Top Layer:

  • 18k Rose Gold Filled wave chain
  • Chain is 16 1/2″ inches
  • Sterling Silver Dolphin Charm

Bottom Layer:

  • 18K Rose Gold Filled Wave Chain
  • 18″ Chain
  • Real Butterfly In Resin
  • Natural Body covered in resin and set in ceramic
  • Body back is gold leafed
  • Butterfly is 55mm

60 day return policy

If you have any questions contact Lisa: lisa@bluegoddess.co

Unique Butterfly Jewelry

Find something that expresses your unique side, with our butterfly wing necklaces.
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The Blue Goddess Co - Butterfly Jewelry
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Butterfly Wing Jewelry - Uplifted - Real Butterfly Wing Necklaces
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Additional information

Additional Info

Butterfly lived a full life and died naturally. Purchases help preserve rain-forest and butterfly populations.

1 review for Butterfly Wing Jewelry – Uplifted – Real Butterfly Wing Necklaces

  1. lisa

    Lisa on Aug 16, 2020

    5 out of 5 stars
    2 necklaces you can wear together or separately. The butterfly is simply beautiful and it’s coloring shines through the resin. This shop is so unique and special!

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