Warrior Butterfly Necklace – Real Butterfly Wing Necklace

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Real Butterfly Wing Necklace

Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry

This Real Butterfly Wing Necklace is made with Cymothoe Excelsa AKA Red Glider butterfly.  This real butterfly died naturally after its lifespan of 3 weeks.  Purchases help save the rainforest and butterfly populations.

Every piece of real butterfly wing jewelry is handmade with precision and excellency. We are the leading experts of real butterfly wing jewelry. We have designs only unique to The Blue Goddess Co.  Butterfly is in epoxy and is designed for longevity.  Real butterfly wing necklace is not fragile despite its appearance.

Real Butterfly Wing Necklace features:

White Druzy


Sterling Silver Plated Chain
Necklace is 18′
Butterfly is 65mm
Butterfly has natural body

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