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The Blue Goddess Co – Handmade Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry

Real butterfly wing jewelry designed to empower females. Feminism is power and beauty, just like our recycled butterflies.  Our butterfly wing jewelry acts as a tribute and memorial to that natural beauty.  Every piece of butterfly wing jewelry is designed to invoke that power and strength every woman carries.  Invoke your inner goddess. 

We enjoy and take great pride in making jewelry made from butterfly wings. Our taxidermy jewelry as been a great tool in empowering woman across the globe.

All of our butterfly wing jewelry is art made from real butterfly wings. Butterflies die naturally on farms (about 3 weeks).
Purchases help protect the rainforest and buttery populations. The Blue Goddess Co has been making taxidermy butterfly jewelry since 2012 and we value and appreciate your business.

We are the leading experts in real butterfly wing jewelry.

We offer designs exclusively only at The Blue Goddess Co. Making our butterfly wing jewelry the best, and the most craved original, unique jewelry on the market.
See our reviews and see why we are the most loved handmade real butterfly wing jewelry shop.

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